Artist 2 Peep @ SXSW: Washed Out

One of the coolest things about SXSW is having the opportunity to peep bands from some of the most obscure (and sometimes unknown places) around the world. From hip hop, rock, emo, dub to electronica you never know what sound you’re gonna across from any particular country or US State. I’ve been hearing for quite some time about this artist reppin’ Perry, Georgia who goes by the name of Washed Out – and thanks to year’s big event (and my girl RemiLove), I will finally get to see (live) what the buzz is all about.

Washed out is also known as  Ernest Greene, a ‘country boy’ who makes laid-back synthpop that is very likeable. In fact he is a favorite of Sweden’s Little Dragon and although he is unsigned by any label Washed Out is slowly starting to build a huge name here in the US- and is even performing here in DC tonight.

With a recently released EP titled Life of Leisure that recieved solid reviews online and a locked down spot at the MUST attend Fader Fort next week in Austin, Washed Out/Ernest Greene has potential to be a well known name in 2010.

Peep some of his music below and for more ‘cryptic’ information check out his Mysapce page or his website at

Washed Out – Belong

[audio:|titles=Washed Out – Belong]