Viewed: The Best Ads of The Super Bowl According to Stone

If you were one of the 100 million people who watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday, you saw the New Orleans Saints defeat the Indianapolis Colts 38 – 21. On top of the win by the Who Dat Nation, the game also had it’s other storylines. Is Peyton’s Super Bowl legacy tainted (maybe?) or the most gangsta play in Super Bowl History (the onside kick to begin the second half), or the rather stupid decision for the NFL to go with yet another decrepit rock band for the Halftime show.

But of course, there are the commercials, and this year I’m realizing that the people in some of these ad agencies on Madison Avenue are smoking crack. There were multiple commercials that showed men wearing no pants (really), people getting hit in the nuts (really, that never gets old), and two commercials where women are getting sacked, football style.

1.) Volkswagen Punch Dub

Come on, you got Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan in the same commercial! On top of that, the cuteness of the whole “Punch Buggy,” concept is brilliantly executed. However, Volkswagen shouldn’t “owned” that concept years ago.

2.) Betty White for Snickers

I loves me some Betty White (pause?). She’s probably the most self-deprecating old school actress out right now. She’s effectively played the “fragile old white lady” stereotype to a tee in this commercial. “That’s not what your girlfriend said last night?” Brilliant. Remember her racist neighbor cameo from Bringing Down The House? And who knew Abe Vigoda was still alive??

3.)Audi – Green Police

Let’s not even lie, the “green” movement is getting out of hand. As a dude who lives in a city that charges $.05 for every plastic bag I use (don’t front, that money adds up!) I’m getting rather tired of Environmentalists dictating how I should live my life. This Audi ad makes fun of the environmentalists while pushing an earth friendly product at the same time. Brilliant.

4.) Motorola – Megan Fox

Yes, I think Megan Fox is “hot,” but I don’t go crazy over her like most dudes are supposed to. I’ve seen hotter women walking down the streets of DC on any given day. However, this commercial by Motorola is HILARIOUS. The ensuing chain of events that happen after the picture is sent out is classic.

5.) David Letterman Promo

Gotta love David Letterman. While NBC’s late night schedule completely self-destructed this year, Dave was in the cut, making fun of the situation. The “worst Super Bowl Party ever,” skit is brilliant, with Dave somehow getting both Oprah and Jay Leno to appear in the skit.

Honorable Mentions

Bud Light – House Made of Bud Light

I’m pretty sure that dudes who think of these beer commercials take in a lot of their “product” for inspiration. The house made of beer is one of those ideas that you can’t think of sober. It’s stupid, yet hilarious, but it’s effective and memorable as well. And who hasn’t built something out of beer cans? I have.

BONUS: Making of Video

Kia Sorrento – Toys In Vegas

This commercial gets props for featuring The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now,” so prominently as the background music. The premise is a little interesting: Four childhood toys (big up to Yo Gabba Gabba) hit Vegas in their dreams. Why they would be driving a Kia in their dreams sorta escapes me, but again, its gives The Heavy some shine.

Google – France

Even though Google has pretty much been a mainstay for years, this is their first venture into traditional advertising. I love this commercial only because I have used Google exactly in this fashion while planning dates and whatnot. (It’s saved my ass when I had 3 back to back dates in Montreal that one time). It’s cute, and girls would love it, but would people outside of IT and Tech nerds really “get it?”

Doritos – Keep Your Hands off My Mama

Ahh, sassy Black kids. Do we ever get tired of them?