VIDEO: Kanye’s Coldest Winter and Thoughts on 808s and Heartbreak

Yes, you heard that right, Kanye dropped a video from Coldest Winter, from that album 808s and Hearbreak which dropped in late 2008.

808’s seemed like it was dropped a decade ago. Remember when that was the album that was supposed to change music? Remember when urban music was going to rise up and everybody was gonna be the Black Thom Yorke? Well, in the year and a half since 808s dropped, music has remained much the same. The Auto-tune that Ye used went to permeate the mainstream in 2009, yet for the most part nobody really attempted to make a groundbreaking, avant-garde album in the months since Ye’s release.

Sure Janelle Monae’s album is finally seeing the light of day, and Kid Cudi gained success by dropping an album that tried to imitate but wasn’t nearly as good. But the sea change in music that many people though was going to happen…didn’t.

I’m glad that Ye dropped the video for Coldest Winter to remind us of what a masterpiece his last album was. Even though Kanye was a fool he’s still a genius. Check it: