Unreleased Lady GaGa – Kandy Life. Should’nt Kelis Have This??

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Lady GaGaKandy Life (unreleased)

One of the most impressive performers I saw while I was out in LA was Lady GaGa. Not only is she a walking work of art, but she’s got impressive songwriting and performance chops as well. Even tho I’m not really into her music, I’m loving this track “Kandy Life,” which unfortunately was left off her her album and the subsequent re-release.

GaGa fans are already panning the song, which is a lot deeper and less danceable than her pop hits, but I love it. Actually, this sounds more like a Kelis song than anything, and it’s too good to sit on the shelf. I hope Kels picks this one up for her next album.

Via follow Connoisseur of Culture, Please Don’t Stare

  • fleshTONE

    And what makes you think Kelis would want this trash? Kelis doesn’t need Lady Gaga’s leftover tracks, she can write her OWN stuff.

  • Crys

    The piano does sound like The Neptunes production on Kelis’ older albums. Gaga sounds like Gwen Stefani on this until the breakdown. It’s cool.

  • Stone

    To think about it….I could see Gwen rocking this as well.

  • HarlemGirl

    Kelis has stated that she is so over songs like this and that she doesn’t want to hear anything resembling a collabo between her and the Neptunes. And I agree with Stone, this is more Gwen than Kelis. The only song I would say that should have been Kelis instead of another artist is Beyonce’s Ring the Alarm. I’m sure we all agree there. Good day! (^_^)

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