The Connoisseurs of Culture Present: T.Shirt & Darvin Silva: Monday Massacre

T.Shirt & Darvin SilvaMonday Massacre
[audio:|titles=Monday Massacre (Official)]

In a first-ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture (a progressive media collective comprised of, Different Kitchen ( and T.Shirt & Darvin Silva come together to bring you their debut EP, “Tan-Face Children”. Think interesting, and colorful T.Shirt verses over underground, worldly beats hand-picked and mixed by retro/electro king Darvin Silva. We kick things off with ‘Monday Massacre’, a frighteningly strong track which puts you right in the pocket of what these guys are thinking musically. Produced by Mr. Oizo, T.Shirt takes you down to what sounds like an illegal dogfight in a London basement.

The concept for the Tan Faced Children micxtape comes from the opening line of the famous Walt Whitman poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers!” where the poet beckons the burning youth “Come my tan-face children”. He’s speaking of the Western world, the youth of a generation working in the sun for long hours thus becoming, “tan-faced”. It’s a poetic and just way to describe the hard-working famous kids from Queens.

“Monday Massacre” is the first track off of the Tan-Face Children EP which drops Tuesday March 9th, 2010.

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