Subsoniq Radio Cancelled. VOICE YOUR OPINION

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Today, I got the sad news that after 7 years, XM/Sirius’ long running Subsoniq radio show has been CANCELED.

Most of y’all know that Subsoniq has interviewed such amazing guests as Talib, Common, KRS-One, Mos Def, and more during their 7 years on the air. They have also sponsored the Red Bull sub-sessions with Afrika Bambaata and DJ Spinna, in addition to providing some of the best underground, progressive, and classic hip-hop to a national audience.

If you are as angry as I am, there are ways to voice your opinion below:


It’s official, they’ve “Changed the Way” we listen! Sirius XM has pulled Subsoniq after 7 years.

Do not just say “oh well… I’m not renewing” FIGHT to get back what you love OR it could be lost forever!

KB and Doc have held it down for years! The least we can do is send some emails, place some phone calls and rally behind these guys!

Please write in NOW to voice your dissatisfaction to
Sirius Customer Care Form
XM Customer Care Form
OR Call
1-800-967-2346 XM
1-888-539-7474 Sirius

Join the facebook group.

Consider doing ALL OF THE ABOVE!

For updates, visit for more information

  • Cal Ulmann

    XM used to have a lot of original programming on the old school rap channel but it appears they have been cutting back as of late.

  • steve

    if you are planning on having children in this country, think twice, and check out the child support laws, they will make you think twice!

  • Phyliss Traner

    Don’t get me started on our first ever epidemic of obese 6 month olds because of recent additions of fructose to formula. By using various ingredients, companies have managed to understand how weight can be controlled.

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