Shyne Hopes to Shine On Def Jam

LA Reid made the trip over to Belize this week to officially welcome (and re-sign) Shyne back to Def Jam. The rapper was originally signed to the historic label back in 2004 while serving his 10 years sentence in jail, but Reid is confident  that although he has been away from the game for some time now,  Shyne will easily be able to make a strong comeback  – and even went so far as to secure  him distribution for his label imprint Gangland Records.

Shyne who was one of the most sought after MC’s a decade ago began serving his sentence during a time when the music industry was at its peak. CD sales were strong, Napster hadn’t quite peaked so consumers didn’t yet expect all their music for free. But being that Shyne was deported back to Belize shortly after his release he  may have problems touring considering he is not allowed back into the United States (although it’s been reported that he’s fighting that decision). 

It’s no secret that touring right now is probably one of the most successful ways for an artists to make money; so without tour support it can be quite dificult for them to bring in any serious revenue and pay back the dues owed to the label. So I can’t help but to wonder how the suits at Def are going to work this one out.

In the meantime, peep L.A Reid discussing his decision to resign Shyne below: