Rihanna Overload: Rude Boy Vid, New Track “Sexuality”

Rihanna Sexuality

Even though RiRi’s latest album, Rated R, is kind a dubious (IMO), her track “Rude Boy,” is a standout. The track, produced by Norwegian production do Stargate, has some direct ragga influences, and the come hither hook “Come On Rude Boy can you get it up?” is fitting for Ri’s new “bad girl” image. The video dropped yesterday and channels obvious inspiration from M.I.A.

On top of the video release, there was also a drop for the unreleased song, “Sexuality.” The track sees Ri sampling Prince (Controversy) and bringing in some 80s synths for a very funky retro-influenced cut. Unfortunately, this never made it to any of Ri’s albums, but thanks to the power of the Internet, it can make it to your iPod. (thx, Concrete Loop)