Interview: What’s Up With Selah Sue?

by Yvette Travillian

Selah Sue

About a month ago I blogged about a girl from Belgium named Selah Sue who many referred to as the ‘white girl who rhymes like a Jamaican’. Since then I’ve really begin to wonder about who this girl is; why is she deeply into reggae and hip hop and how is it that with such a dope voice is she’s only blowing up overseas.

Whether you’re feeling her music or not is simply a matter of opinion and of course comparisons to Nneka and Lauryn Hill are gonna come often – but  you can’t deny the fact that her voice is  ear catching. Her recent performance of Bill Withers’ ‘Aint No Sunshine’ at a Haiti relief benefit was (in my opinion) superbly excellent. That raspy/soulful voice just doesn’t seem like it would be coming out of her.

Although barley 21 and somewhat of a newbie to the game, Selah has quite an impressive resume: besides cleverly utilizing the tools available  on the internet and social networking sites to get her music out ,  she’s also provided lead vocals for indie electronica band Addicted Kru Sound ( Leuven, Belgium) and has performed live alongside established artists like Moby and Simply Red. If you peep her on Youtube you will notice that she has performed numerous times on Belgium television – at times in front of substantially large audiences.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to ask Selah a few of the burning questions I’ve been wondering since hearing her music. Who is Selah Sue and what can we expect from her in 2010?:

YTravillian: Tell us what the music scene is like in Belgium and how this impacts your style of music today?

Selah Sue: There are a lot of bands –  good bands in Belgium.. But we also still always have the real commercial artists, and I think it’s the same in every county.  They still have the biggest market. In my environment Dubstep is really big now. Beside SelahSue I sing in a live dubstep/drum n bass group called Addicted Kru Sound. I love it, and at the moment I listen to it the most. My influences of soul are certainly Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu, some ragga artists like Damian Marley, some hiphop, electronic music. I love it all

YTravillian: Who are some of your musical influences?

Selah Sue: Influences: Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Nneka, Meshel Ndegeocello, The Fugees,…

YTravillian: Explain why you decided to call your album Black Part Love ?

Selah Sue: It’s not an album, it’s a little EP I sold after the shows. But never in stores or anything. It’s just a little ‘preview’ of the album. But for me, the album is gonna be three times better. I took my time to think about how I wanted it to sound. ‘Black Part Love’ is also a song of mine. It means love your weak parts, your black parts. It’s actually the message of my album. Almost every song is about self acceptance

YTravillian: When can your fans expect to hear some new music from you?

Selah Sue: Yeah I’m busy recording my first album now so… in this year it will be there!

YTravillian: What kind of sounds can we expect to hear from Selah Sue off of this new album?

Selah Sue: Mmmm… my album is gonna be a mixture of many styles; Soul, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Ragga.

YTravillian: Do you have any plans to tour in the US sometime this year?

Selah Sue: No idea. We haven’t even decided on a date to drop the album.. So actually I don’t know because I’m not my own booker.

Check out Selah’s music at

Selah Sue w/ Addicted Kru Sounds

Selah Sue Live 2008

  • Shoshana RK

    One of my favorite songs ever, ever: Ain’t No Sunshine. Done so well!

  • ydiva

    i absolutely love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BRILLIANT

  • Reidie

    Anxiously awaiting to hear her new album. Raggamuffin, my favorite so far. Ain’t no sunshine really great also! Selah Sue is one of the best new talent!

  • Jen

    As our little town of about 150,000 prepare for next years annual Raggamuffin concert, I accidently stumbled across “white girl who rhymes like a Jamaican”. First reaction was, ‘WTF, someone needs a lesson in PR skills!’ But then imagine my surprise when after a few strums on her guitar out poured this gritty/sultry/soulful voice. Was I stunned? Better believe it. Selah Sue, if you happen to see this post, believe me, when the list for 2012 Raggamuffin in Rotorua, NZ is up for casting, I’m definitely petitioning for you to be added. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with the rest of the world.

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  • Alia Brandywine

    Great interview!

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