Interview: We get “Cheeky” with VV Brown

“Do you think my cheeks look fat?”

That’s the first question that the UK pop/soul sensation VV Brown asks after our video interview. I’m not going to lie. It’s a shock for this writer to see this 5 foot 9 inch model so worried about her appearance. But those tiny moments are what add to Vanessa “VV” Brown’s character. Far from being a diva, Ms. Brown is wowing audiences in The States as well as her native UK.

We first brought you the sounds of VV over a year ago, and since then, her star has skyrocketed. She’s released several successful singles, and her album, Traveling Like The Light continues to get postive reviews. In America, she has wowed audiences on both coasts, and

VV’s personality can be described as “cheeky.” But don’t get it twisted, this “graceful punk,” has been through a lot, and her tracks “Shark In The Water,” “Leave,” and even the upbeat “Crying Blood,” all detail her rough relationships.

I talked to Ms. Brown before she took the stage to for a sold out show at Washington, DC’s DC9 Nightclub.