In Case You Missed It: Rhianna – World Love (The 4Hero Soul Mix)

Rhianna Feat. 4Hero – World Love

[audio:|titles=World Love _ 4Hero Soul Mix]

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this post reads correctly and the above picture is right, I’m just not talking about the Rihanna most immediately think of:

I was first put on to World Love – The 4Hero Mix in Paris a couple of years ago and it was off the popular overseas music compilation Nova Tunes. I was pretty surprised when I saw that 4Hero had actually hopped on a Rihanna track – a song I had never heard before but immediately liked.  I did however, sense that something was a little off: The name and voice just did not match.

So after doing some searching online I soon learned that World Love is from Rhianna just not the Rihanna I was expecting. That Rihanna, (with an R-i-h) is the well known Barbadian singer who first hit the scene in 2005 and whose face is now plastered on many blogs and magazine covers every day. This particular Rhianna (with an R-h-i) is an R&B singer from Leeds, England who released her first studio album, Get On, in 2002 and just so happened to have the same name as Jay Z’s cute little protégé – which  also happened to be an unlucky coincidence.

Rhianna Kenny released  Get On through Sony’s S2 imprint over eight years ago (in the UK only) and the album saw a fair amount of success due its lead single, Oh Baby, which reached the top 20 on the British charts. Unfortunately it  was her only single to make any promising noise with her second song, World Love charting low and going pretty much unnoticed. That is until 4Hero decided to mix it up with  a dope sophisticated electronic beat which resulted in the dull-ish track getting a second chance at life. The  mediocre pop song was transformed into a soulful and laid back hit and it was able to introduce Rhianna to a whole new listening audience.  

However, by the time she tried her shot at a second album in 2006, Rihanna (number 2?) had  already become a (somewhat) pop sensation and the possibility of having two girls with the same unusual name in one industry just wasn’t going to work.

Now, Rhianna (number 1?) has reemerged as an indie artist going by the alias Freckles and her music which is more on the jazzy/ lounge side  has been receiving some light buzz underground but for the most part is still relatively unknown. Honestly, I’m not sure if the reason English Rhianna hasn’t had true success is due to her name or because her music just isn’t up to par… but  4Hero’s remix to her song World Love was beautifully done and only confirmed to me that ‘Marc Mac’ and ‘Dego’ are excellent producers who can turn anything into some hotness and that’s why you should definitely peep it in case you missed it.