Download: Mos Def x Robert Glasper – Dilla Tribute, Ann Arbor, MI

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Download: Mos Def x Robert Glasper – Dilla Tribute, Ann Arbor, MI

I’ve been avoiding the “Dilla-mania” that arises on the anniversary of his death and his birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I think J Dilla is one of the best hip-hop producers of all time, but I get mad when cats who didn’t even know who Dilla was 10 years ago start claiming that he’s the G.O.A.T. just because it’s the culturally acceptable thing to do. I’m glad his work is getting more exposure, but as Mos’s photographer Cognito said last week, we need to be into our icons in life just as much as we are in death. (That goes for Michael Jackson too).

Rants aside, I did think that this Mos Def x Robert Glasper Dilla tribute to be fitting. They covered 16 of my Dilla songs for some lucky Michiganders, including”Stakes Is High and “Fall In Love.” Check it: (via Blind I and BamaLoveSoul)

01. Black Radio
02. Fantastic
03. The $
04. Interlude
05. E=MC2
06. Jam
07. Ms. Fat Booty
08. The Look of Love
09. Players
10. Bass Solo
11. Jam
12. Interlude
13. Paint The World
14. Interlude
15. Stakes Is High
16. Fall In Love

  • Danielle

    I totally feel you. We need to appreciate people and let them know how we feel while they’re still here, damn it.

  • Jade

    I get your sentiment; “don’t believe the hype.” In this case, however, those coming late to the party still can have valuable opinions. Monk (and others) had been dead for decades before he was introduced to the hip hop generation.