Dope Video: We Have Band – Divisive

I just stumbled across this cool azz video from a group out of London called We Have Band (WHB) and I’m hella digging it.

The band which is comprised of Darren Bancroft, Dede WP and her husband Thomas WP (who all contribute as vocalist) have been establishing a name for themselves for a couple of years now but they are  just now getting around to releasing their debut album titled We Have Band – with Divisive being their ‘official’ first single.

OK, so this video is mad trippy  (actually all their videos are)  in that using your body to make odd figures kind of way, which is cool,  but the song itself is what I’m really feeling. I am so into 80’s new wave right now and WHB does a good job with that whole synth -pop, electro thing and  I love how Darren Bancroft’s voice is eerily dope and unexpected.  

Check out more of their trippy videos on their website and look for their album to drop April 5.

We Have Band – Divisive