Vintage Esthero Video – ‘Heaven Sent’


I was going through my DVD collection (I’m on Blu Ray stats now) and came across this video from Toronto native Esthero. Sigh… Another case of “why haven’t they blown?’ SMH… But anyway this is one of the few official videos the songstress has put out and it’s off of her superb debut Breath From Another. ‘Heaven Sent’ was by far my favorite song off the album. But then again so were Swallow Me, Superheroes, Breath From Another, Country Livin’ and Lounge. OK so the whole damn album is just amazing and so is most the work she has put out in general (listening to Beautiful Lie as I type this). This video is as dope and trippy as the lyrics to the song and definitely worth checking out or revisiting.

And just to be nice I thought I’d go ahead and throw in her ‘We R In Need Of A Musical Revolution’ video because that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now – Enjoy.