VIDEO: Warpaint – Elephants


I’ve been in love with the LA trio Warpaint ever since their Exquisite Corpse EP dropped last year. I’m kicking myself for not blogging about them soon. Elephants is hands down one of the best songs of 2009 that you haven’t heard of, consisting of a rather sick bass line (remember those?) and some 90s era grunge guitars. While their other track “Billie Holiday, is a spooky choral arrangement and has been getting even more spins in my iPod. I’m surprised that they aren’t getting the love in the indie press like some other, lesser bands. (again, Neon Indian, cough). Anyway, 2010 will be these ladies time to shine, and they are top on my list of “bands to see” when I’m at SXSW in March. (via, FADER)