Organize Your Life: Get A Shoe Rack


I’m not a sneakerhead. Far from it. However over the past couple of years I’ve acquired a vast number of shoes.

Even though my kicks will pale in comparison to most readers of this site, it pains me to see cats with vastly more expensive shoe collections that myself with their kicks scattered across their apartment or worse yet, piled in a corner in their bedroom.


It’s time to man up and get yourself a shoe rack. Once the item that your mother would use, the rack is a necessary tool of any sneakerhead’s trade. I copped the one above from and while it was on the expensive side ($24), it’s expandable and matches the dark wood furniture in my bedroom.


Another (cheaper) option is a IKEA system that hangs in your closet for only $6. It’s nice, and it can be tucked away neatly in your closet if you don’t want people spying on your latest trainers. Ikea also has some options for traditional shoe racks that won’t bust your budget, including this one below for only $5.


I traditionally avoid the over the door racks, one because they seem to get worn out over time and two because they remind me of an ugly plastic rack from the 80s that my grandmother used. It’s not a good look.

However, outfitting your room with a custom shoe rack will ensure that your priceless kicks are protected for years to come.