New Music: Usher feat. Nicky Minaj – Little Freak

by Winston "Stone" Ford


I’ve been a huge fan of Usher since I was a teenager (wow), Nicky Minaj….not so much. However, the beat on Little Freak is dope enough to cover both of them. Thanks to Polow Da Don, Little Freak is set to be a Springtime banger.

  • FinchyKing

    I love this song!!! I think Nicki Minaj verse is hot “Everybody love Raymond” did it for me!!! The beat is sick!!! This is the Usher I know!!!!

  • SiKK

    Polow killed it! & ur right this sounds like a Springtime banger. Nicki doesnt do anything for me neither..nice track tho. yessir

  • bryant

    …Why does this not sound like him? The original version I heard sounded better. Is this the mastered one? Wtf. It’s like his voice is at a wayyy higher octave.