New Music: Mynabirds

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Mynabirds Numbers Don’t Lie

Most DC indie rock heads will know the name of Laura Burhenn as one half of the post-pop duo Georgie James. I know Laura as the mind behind the amazing (and slept on) 2004 album Wanderlust, as well as one of my first friends on a then budding social network called MySpace.

After Georgie James broke up Burhenn took a break, but I heard rumors that she would be back in the studio. I was expecting her return to be something along the lines of her last project, however, I was presently surprised to see that she has re-invented herself as The Mynabirds, dropping a soulful Dusty Springfield-esque sound, and a band title that is a tongue and cheek reference to a forgotten Motown band.

The first single, “Numbers Don’t Lie,” is strictly retro, with a touch of country and AM Radio soul. It might be a shock to fans of Laura’s previous efforts, but I’m interested to hear what the rest of her new project will sound like.

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