New Music: Kenna, Lupe, and the Music For Relief Compilation


Download: Music For Releif Haiti Compilation

Lupe Fiasco and KennaResurrection (Produced by Mike Shinoda)

[audio:|titles=Lupe_Fiasco_&_Kenna-Resurrection (Produced by Mike Shinoda)(2)]

Download to donate is billed as compilation of unreleased music from such artists as Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Slash,The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Kenna, Enrique Iglesias and Lupe Fiasco, all in the name to help earthquake victims in Haiti.

The album is free and you are encouraged to donate. I think the system would work better if you had to make a donation before you could get the album but as long as people are aware of the need for donations I’m down for it.