New Music: Freddie Gibbs – “Crushin’ Feelin’s”


Freddie GibbsCrushin’ Feelin’s

I’ve been reluctant to cise Freddie Gibbs only because Sasha Ferre Jones called hip-hop “dead” and Gibbs, the new King of the genre before the dude was even a household name. Instead of adding to the echo chamber , I wanted to step back and asses this dude before I gave my show of support.

Is Gibbs Hip-Hop’s saving grace? Well, last time I checked, hip-hop was doing rather well, so “saving it” is a moot point. However, the dude does have a particular style that has been missing from the game (on a large scale) in a while. Rather than talking about candy paint cars, Gibbs tells stories. The throwback Outkast flow might be too antiquated for most hip-hop listeners today, but you can’t deny it. Gibbs is on his way to making some moves in 2010, no doubt. (via TSS)