In Case You Missed It: Some Latest Happenings in Music/Tech News


Imeem is Officially the New Myspace:

For all of you Imeem fans out there you may have noticed that when you log on to your favorite streaming site you were suddenly re-directed to Myspace. Well, Myspace has officially purchased the popular social media site for apparently under $1 million dollars and the site itself has been permanently shut down and will immediately readdress you to Myspace when you try logging in – where your music library and profile should be ready to use (although when I tried it my library and profile had ‘yet to be transferred’ and I was instead instructed to check out Myspace to stream and listen to music). Imeem had been battling a surplus of lawsuits over the past year despite having over 15 million loyal users so a merger/buyout was imminent. Here’s my question: with so many downloading music networking sites available online, are streaming sites like the new Imeem/Myspace really worth the ‘hassel’?l  For a more in-depth look at what caused Imeem to totally sink click here.

Apple In The Works To Announce a ‘Major New Product’

It’s supposed to be all on the hush-hush, but word on the street nets (and from some of my well informed tech geeks) is that Apple Inc will be launching a new revolutionary device sometime in late January. This product is said to be called ‘The Tablet’ and is rumored to somehow be a cross breed of an iPhone and iPod touch. It will come the size of a magazine ranging from $600 to a billion dollars (not literally) and will act as a MAC OS X, music player, gaming device, TV, video camera, app store, sports car, helicopter and who knows what else. Some are predicting this to be the biggest most revolutionary device to ever hit the market… I mean they really are pumping it up to be that HUGE. Whether you believe it or not I guess we will all see soon – although I’m not too sure what I think yet. But I do remember one of the last big announcements Steve Jobs made was about the iPhone… and we all know how that turned out! Check out one of the many rumor mills here.

Early Album Leaks Still Pissing off Artist’s and Labels

For most internet savvy online music hunters a leaked album is a delightful gift – but for those grumpy record label execs and their artist this is still a huge pain in the ass, and  2010 is gearing up to be no different than last year. Digital Music News is reporting that some mainstream artist like Usher and Lil Wayne have seen their music  leaked online in that past couple of weeks and this has many label heads scrambling to push back release dates and work out ‘pre-order’ deals with major music retailers. Other artists projects like the Danger Mouse and James Mercer (of the Shins) collabo had to see their singles pushed out much earlier than expected to coincide with the leaks – although the official album isn’t due until March. My question is: Is it at all impossible for a major artist not to have their music leaked these days or is it just the way it is and has to be? And does this affect your decision on whether to buy or not buy (or download or not download) and album?

ITunes Top Selling Digital Albums of 2009

The other day someone told me that people still buy CD’s and I just couldn’t believe it… What they’re buying I’m not too sure of but fortunately I do know what folks are downloading thanks to iTunes recently released list. Although the list appears to mainly ‘pop’ oriented (Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas and Miley Cyrus) stuff I’m not really into, I was happy to see used-to-be kinda indie groups like Kings of Leon see their digital sells skyrocket. But with so many music downloading sites out there, this list in my opinion isn’t really stating what the people like. But it’s still cool to peep anyway. Check it out.