HELLA DOPE: Beats By Dre

Beats By Dre

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with any new sounds coming off the insanely anticipated – ultra mysterious “Detox” album – But I am talking about something that’s actually pretty cool.

Most iPod users have noticed that the quality of their downloaded music is not as good as say, its predecessor, the CD. But in 2008 Dre teamed up with Jimmy Iovine (and in 2009 HP) to help solve this problem by introducing ‘Beats By Dre’: a pair of meticulously designed, high performance headphones – guaranteed to turn your personal music listening experience into a high-powered studio session with The Dr. himself.

Celebrities from Kanye West to Kelly Clarkson have been spotted rocking the ‘Beats’ and now many of them are jumping on board to promote versions of their own.

In October, Lady GaGa partnered with Monster and launched the ‘Hearbeats’; a more female oriented version which appear to be designed to look as though you’re wearing a pair of dope earrings. And this week, Diddy (who also teamed up with Monster) launched his version called ‘Diddy Beats’.


Diddi Beats

All Powered by sleek marketing ads with the product to back them up, these headphones, although a little pricey (ranging anywhere from $120 to $300) are definitely fit for the music fan looking to improve the quality of their digital music – and if that’s case,  then this splurge is definitely for you. And hey – it’s Dre. There’s no telling when that Detox album is coming out. At least for now I can slap The Chronic album and have it sound explosively superior to my previous headphones.


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