Forget about a CD, It’s all about the USB Card


My homie K-Murdock’s new album won’t drop on a CD, but on a USB Card. This might just be one of the illest looks for 2010.

As a dude who has had his foot in both physical and non-physical realms of music, I feel like the USB card might be the bridge that will link both worlds. The USB card is physical. You can actually hold on to it. However, you can play it on any computer built after 1995, as well as most video game consoles, and even televisions, BluRay players, and cars (I’m looking at you, Ford and your SYNC technology.)

The USB Cards will contain album artwork as well as 320kbs MP3 files. I think K-Murdock and the cats at Tasteful Licks Records have a winner on their hands with this format. What do y’all think?