Event to Peep: Live @ Bens Next Door – DC


For over 50 years U Street in Washington DC has been the go to spot for music and culture producing great artist such as Duke Ellington, Marvin Gaye and Raheem DaVaughn. But due to gentrification the corridor has been rapidly invaded by a plethora of condominiums and suburbanites and to many the neighborhood has somewhat lost the culture that it was once known for. But fortunately the music scene is still managing to strive with some of its historic venues such as Bohemian Caverns still holding on strong while new ones such as the Thievery Corporation backed, Patty Boom Boom is aiming to make its mark.

Last year DC staple Bens Chili Bowl introduced Bens Next Door – a restaurant and bar located well…next door, and from that came Live @ Bens Next Door: a free of charge weekly platform used to expose both local and national independent artists to new audiences. Hosted by DC music vet  W. Ellington Felton(who is also the in-house DJ) ‘Live’ displays a very dope backdrop of eclectic music, good eats and a chill vibe that makes you feel like your back on old-school U Street again.

Live  is a good look for ‘U’ due to its commitment to persevere  the art and culture old-school DC heads are looking for all while openly welcoming  those who are new to the area. Local musicians such as V. Rich, Midian and Jade are scheduled to perform in the oncoming weeks. So whether you’ve been here for 20 years, 2 years or just visiting – this is a spot that you must hit up if you’re looking to  peep some great  independent/underground talent and have an enjoyable evening.