Don’t SLEEP! People Under The Stairs, GRIEVES, Kenan Bell at Rock and Roll Hotel, DC


Fresh off major festival gigs at Coachella and Bonnaroo (“Best Performance. Period.” – SPIN MAGAZINE), the highly acclaimed duo, People Under the Stairs are back on ..OM.. with their 7th artist album, “Carried Away.” Fans of PUTS’ records know that unlike other hip hop / rap artists, there are no outside producers or of-the-moment guest emcees. People Under the Stairs are a completely true independent hip hop duo. Beats, rhymes, scratching, and chorus are all done by PUTS’ members Thes One and Double K themselves…..

Since the release of his first full length album, Irreversible, Grieves has been called a breath of fresh air, a breakaway phenomenon, and a lyrical mastermind. Touring constantly, Grieves stunned crowds all over the country with his distinctive voice, lyrical precision, and unparalleled style. Following Grieves’ encouraging reception and a stint on the CMJ Top 20 Hip Hop charts, fans speculated on what would be next for the emergent artist.

Growing up in the suburbs of LA, his friends included goths, skate-punks, indie kids and ravers. On his MySpace the labels he attaches to his music are “shoegaze” and “emotronic”. He counts his students and their parents as his biggest fans. “I’ve sold more albums to my students than anyone else,” he says. Not that he’s some sort of Sesame Street hip-hopper rapping his way through the alphabet while balancing a multi-coloured puppet on his knee. On the title track of his debut EP, Good Day, he raps about sex, decadence, miscegenation, sexual and racial equality and the impending 2008 presidential elections over grinding, distorted guitars, and even though there’s a message/moral halfway through – “nothing in this world comes without a consequence” – the track actually sounds more powerful than preachy.


TICKETS:, Charged by Phone: 1-877-725-8849

Rock & Roll Hotel
1353 H St NE
Washington, DC 20002
Rock & Roll Hotel is now OPEN 7 Days a week in 2010