Designers To Watch: Kesh Kumari

The designer herself

NAME: Kesh Kumari (pronounced “Kish”)

Sign: Scorpio

Reppin: East London

Occupation: Designer, DJ, Magazine Editor

Crew: Coconut Twins (Zezi Ifore), M.I.A

Quote: “It makes me uncomfortable to know that 12000 other people are wearing the same item, that’s what pushed me to design my own stuff”

Web: |

I stumbled upon her by fate I guess.  During one of my searches through myspace, being nosey, checking out the pages of people I don’t even know, I came across Kesh and I immediately fell in love with her work.   I craved to know who she was, what else she had designed and if I was the only one who had discovered this underground maven.  Unfortunately, the latter was not the case.  In fact I’m probably the last in line to jump on the band wagon but, here is what I did find out:

Kesh Kumari started out designing for her self  by showcasing her abstract- runway rebel- thrift store groupie style on myspace.  Soon she got requests from all over the globe wanting to know where she got her clothes.   And from there “Keshwear” was born.   The group of Kesh Stan devotees has grown to include celebs such as Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Kelis, and Big Daddy Kane.  What’s most impressive to me is that she trots around to thrift stores searching threw tons of old hand-me-downs (believe me people this takes time, I’ve done it on several occasions).  She then takes these era dated gems home and creates a one of a kind Kesh piece.  I have yet to purchase her T-shirt designs (not that I don’t want to, but they sell out super fast), which scream 1980’s and all have a quality about them as if she spent time with Andy Warhol and Jean-Micheal Basquait. She has already showcased some of her work during London and New York Fashion weeks and sells her personal pieces straight out of her closet on Not bad for this just turned 23 yr old half Malaysian half Trinidian beauty who wants to stay under the radar and be more exclusive.

Mr. West

The Cool Kids (left to right-unknown, Kesh, Taz Arnolds, DJ Rashida, Damon Peruzzi)

The Cool Kids (left to right-unknown, Kesh, Taz Arnolds, DJ Rashida, Damon Peruzzi)

Keshwear shirts

Keshwear T-shirt

Keshwear T-shirt

Kesh's Her work

London Djs-The Coconut Twins (Kesh & Zezi)

London DJs-The Coconut Twins (Kesh and Zezi)

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week

Check out her interviews done by Current TV and GAKCity:

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