A First in the Wild North


Photo by Sexy Fitsum/iLLIMETER.

Bodies throbbing on a wet wooden floor, an unfinished ceiling above with lights flashing, changing, burning and exposing the graffiti on the walls only visible for a few seconds when the neon lights hit it, a room so hot it has completely fogged up the mirror on the dance floor up in a the 411 Warehouse upstairs on an alley between 4th St and New York Ave– and when right when another remix of Major Lazer’s  Pon De Floor remix comes up in the wild mix of bass beat and electro, you know it’s been/and going to be a good night. Just a short description of DC’s own- Wild North’s first party, ever.


Wild North is a new, up and coming production company with the young founders (also students), Simone Freeman, DJ TJ, Sami Y, Ben Howell, Jason Anderson, Danny Ostrometsky. With a DJ set up lined up Friday night featuring the likes of Party Bros vs. Pacemaker, Gavin Holland, Sami Y, DJ TJ and Chris Burns- what could go wrong? To be honest, nothing really did. For their first event Wild North served up a supremely loud, energetic and unforgettable experience.