Writer Best of 2009: KDotScribe

by Couch Sessions


Name: KDotScribe
Location: Washington, DC
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We’re bringing back our Writer and Reader Top 5ives for the of the best releases of the year. I’ll be profiling a new reader and writer each day over the next several weeks to see what their best tracks of ‘08 were. If you want your Top Five releases to appear on the site, enter your submissions here.

1.) ALBUM: Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris makes the ultimate dance/break-up album. Smashing it, track after track. Pure pathos filled fun.

2.) Album: Wolfgang Amadeus by Phoenix
Such depth and fun in this album–it boils, it simmers, it sizzles.

3.) Song: Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)
Falke takes a luke-warm track and makes it electric. Dude straight saves little boots’ New in Town, basically he’s Captain-Save-A-Mediocre-Track.

4.) Song: The Birds by Telefon Tel Aviv
Just listen to it.

  • Selomé

    I agree with most of these selections (even the ones I hadn’t heard before). I find most of Little Boots to be mediocre, but there have been some phenomenal remixes made of her stuff.

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  • Stone

    Amazing selections. That Fred Falke Remix of Little Boots is DOPE! And I’m glad I found someone who shares my enthusiasm for Calvin Harris lol.

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