Writer Best of 2009: KDotScribe


Name: KDotScribe
Location: Washington, DC
Website: http://www.theproseofarhythmscribe.blogspot.com
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We’re bringing back our Writer and Reader Top 5ives for the of the best releases of the year. I’ll be profiling a new reader and writer each day over the next several weeks to see what their best tracks of β€˜08 were. If you want your Top Five releases to appear on the site, enter your submissions here.

1.) ALBUM: Ready For The Weekend by Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris makes the ultimate dance/break-up album. Smashing it, track after track. Pure pathos filled fun.

2.) Album: Wolfgang Amadeus by Phoenix
Such depth and fun in this album–it boils, it simmers, it sizzles.

3.) Song: Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)
Falke takes a luke-warm track and makes it electric. Dude straight saves little boots’ New in Town, basically he’s Captain-Save-A-Mediocre-Track.

4.) Song: The Birds by Telefon Tel Aviv
Just listen to it.