Throwback Think Tank: “Lyrics” by A.L.

Lyricist Lounge Volume 01

**Throwback Think Tank will appear with some regularity, featuring tracks from multiple genres. The concept is to simultaneously hold “then” and “now” in context when enjoying and critiquing music in an effort to further appreciate the art. Please hit me up at with suggestions, comments, and ideas. **


The Couch Sessions has a history of running ahead of the crowd in terms of what’s out there to hear, and what’s the good ish resting just below the surface, waiting to be mined. My hip hop brainiac boo-ness put me up on to A.L., because of course in the 90’s I was stuck in a small town in the South, being flooded with Alternative music. As I’m getting all of this new old music, I realize how important to keep it in today’s music dialogue without doing what your parents did..”back in my day music was so much better…” Nah, it’s not even about that.

This track, Lyrics by A.L. (off of Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1) supersedes what we think of as flowing ability or lyricism (so dope!). This brotha is clearly communicating with the universe in almost a prophetic way–like he’s a conduit through which words move. With a beat just as telling as it’s bars, this is easily in my top 10. It reminds me of what makes a great hip hop track? How have my expectations of music changed in the last decade? Can I make room for the old with the new being sure to respect the generational variations of artistic efforts? I challenge you to ask yourself the same questions, if you haven’t already. At any rate, press play and get that history lesson b/c it’ll definitely expand your present.