Reader Top 5 of 2009: Miles Bonny

Kansas City’s Miles Bonny has been running the game out in the Midwest for a hot mintue. As a member of the Infinite Sounds crew, Miles is a rapper, singer, trumpeter, and DJ. His newest release, titled Scorpio Inn, is in stores now. PICK THAT UP! Also check him out at, and check the video for Yes I Do (one of my favorite songs) below.

Name: Miles Bonny
Location: Kansas City, MO
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Shafiq “Shafiq En’ A-Free-Ka”

Soul / future / past real goodness. Diverse. Strong time changes and use of melody. Just so solid musically. Historically important. Regarding pop music consumption; It is not necessary to make albums as diverse and solid as this, so when an artist does it it not only deserves respect but praise and thanks for continuing to push the boundaries and level of quality for all those still making music.

Mos Def – “The Ecstatic”

Mos Def and I should do a tour. I’m just saying. I can learn a lot from him, and in teh process learn alot about myself, and vice versa. We are similar folks, but he is a far better rapper 🙂 Yo. I just love mos def.  I went to the Gil Scott Heron show in NY with my dad. I’m just saying… haaahaa

Chrissy Murderbot – “Chrissy Murderbot”

My man. I’m not on this album, but beyond that my whole family grooves and dances to this in our house and car. My man has rhythm and a buoyant and positive, energetic spirit. I everybody loves chris.

DJ Day & Miles Bonny – “INstant Saadiq”

It’s just solid. Day is a great engineer and composer. Saadiq is the man. A professional. I went to see him KC recently. That man has stars and truth in his eyes. much respect and thanks. Plus this version of “What’s life like” gets my soul stirring.

Ab & Daru – “A.W.I.P”

My peoples. INnatesounds Crew! Daru is the dood and Ab is talented with a great ear. They both do themselves well… and Im so happy this album came out. It’s sold well for being something very few people know about. It deserves it. It is musical gold. check it out yo.