Reader Best of 2009: Sikk


Sikk is a Montreal based singer, choreographer, blogger, DJ (?), and downright cool chick.

Name: Sikk
Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
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Hard Work / FutureStreet/DrugSounds – Dom Kennedy

I didn’t know who Dom Kennedy were and I downloaded the mixtape to find out. And this mixtape was my Summer 09 Tape. That lowriding bass music really made me fall for DK. And his style is undeniable. He reps the West but his musicality can melt down the snow in Canada, for sure.

Dead President 2 / The Warm Up – J.Cole

The Warm Up mixtape was on heavy rotation in my house..Seriously J.Cole came out strong so that he could stand out all them Mcs. He personally proved me he gots something new to offer. Signed in Roc Nation or not.. 2010 is your year!

Under The Vultures / Life’s Not So Sample – Malicious

Malicious is that incredibly talented hiphop rapper from Canada, Montreal to be specific. I was expecting a crazy mixtape when he dropped it, but I didn’t expect as much Quality and Rawness. Definitely the artist to watch for next year, and he has the city on his shoulders. We gotchu. And that song goes too hard. You might chock, so pay attention lol.

X.O. (Black Wall Street) – Step Your Game Up


Picked X.O. and this track. Cause I keep hearing a lot of noises.. oh wait no, It’s my inner voice telling me that.. I need to watching him out. Heard about him in november and heard some new joints, so far..I think he is the New “Hit” mc .

Pretty Wings – Maxwell

Do I need to say More?