Reader Best of 2009: Selomé

The Dirty Projectors

Name: Selomé
Location: Washington, DC
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Fever Ray – “When I Grow Up (Version by Lissvik)”

My (now) co-partner at Dipped in Dollars emailed me this track in the most unassuming way, which made it all the more intense when I listened to it. I was truly blown away at first listen, and now it’s my most listened track of the year. I was truly enamored of The Knife to begin with, so hearing of a solo project by Karin Dreijer Andersson was like a dream come true. Her vocal talents are so fantastic and frightening, but most-importantly awe-inspiring. This song is so multi faceted, lending itself both to solo listening sessions as well as raucous dance parties. This mix is almost better than the original version of this track (which is mostly unsettling, have you seen that music video?), taking everything that is beautiful about it and injecting it with a little tinge of The Hustle.

Phoenix – “1901”

At the same time this song feels like the one you have to include, and the one you couldn’t dream of leaving out. Having been a fan of Phoenix for years, I always knew what they were capable of, and with the release of “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”, a truly flawless album, they have finally reached the heights they deserve. This song is the musical representation of that fact, garnering respect from their peers, and their public, it is able to serve as the soundtrack to a Cadillac commercial and not lose one drop of its awesomeness. In my mind, there is no thought of them selling out, only wondering why it took everyone else so long to notice.

Dirty Projectors – “Stillness is the Move”

I’d seen the Dirty Projectors live twice, but never really sought out their music. It wasn’t until I was on a drive through the mountains, that I took notice. She was DJing, and suddenly this song came on, and everything stopped, I had to know what it was. I went home and got it immediately, then proceeded to listen to it on repeat for weeks. This is one of those songs that seems to gain more power, the more you listen to it, the lyrics take on greater and greater significance. Also, have you ever tried to sing along to this song? Their vocal abilities are incredibly daunting. This entire album really put them, as a group, on the map, but this song is the one that changed my entire perspective.

Mountain Man – “Animal Tracks”

I have to admit, I’m a little biased, because these girls are my friends, but their talent is undeniable. I was walking home from the grocery store at school earlier this spring, and they were giving an outdoor concert that lured me in. It literally felt as if someone hooked a cord through my stomach and was pulling me towards their music, it was that irresistible. These ladies produce harmonies that I could never even dream of, the combination of their three voices is perfection. As someone who is deeply immersed in electronic music, it was so remarkably refreshing to be blown away by three voices and an acoustic guitar. There are so many literal layers to this song, that you could discover new things almost endlessly. When the songwriting and execution is this pure, you can’t help but take notice.

La Roux – “Bulletproof”

This was another one of those tracks that I heard and had a neck-turning, “oh-boy-what-was-that?!” kind of moment. I have listened to this endlessly on repeat, and even now as I write this, I’m not sick of it one bit. The beat is out of control, and the lyrics actually have quite a deep effect for a dance track. You definitely can’t resist dancing to this song. I think this song is structurally perfect, every moment lasts just as long as it should. La Roux is one of those highly hyped artists, that I think is entirely justified.