New Music: Tinashé


My girl Amelia over at Put Me On It just hipped me to a new artist (well for me at any rate) from London (of course) named Tinashe. The stylish singer/songwriter/producer is definitely an artist to watch for 2010. He has upcoming performances at some of London’s best venues and has already been featured on UK Channel 4’s program “4Intros” on which he performed two songs of his songs: “Mr Presumption” (amazing track that you can download for free here) and “The Feeling”.

His lyrics are about relationships, love and heartbreak, but his sound is so awesomely pop that it’s completely uplifting. Great music to listen to if you’re snowed in and want to dance around. Here’s his latest video, a home made recording, for his song “A-Liar”. (I’ve already watched it about five times).