New Music: Quadron

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Quadron – Slippin’

The Danish act Quadron was completly off my radar for a while, but after a few people dropped their name I had to do a Google search and damn…I’m glad I did.

The duo of 21 year old singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician producer Robin Hannibal make low key soul music, dropping just a hint of that Motown sound (hence the hand claps), yet not diving completely into the post-soul genre, which in many respects is played out. Their track “Slippin'” is evident of this, while the laid back “Day,” is a textured soul track which gives me hints of Sade. Her voice isn’t overly soulful, but is a perfect and unique compliment to the instrumentals.

The duo says that they want to provide an “alternative to US R&B,” ironically by going back to R&B’s roots. I just hope to hear them in the US soon.

Pressure by Quadron from Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen on Vimeo.

  • Buffalo Bruce

    Now that the album is out, I’m lovin’ the band and the music even more. “Pressure” is such a great tune, with its sixties-styled-girl-group sound. I’m working my way through the album, and thinking of my radio days, considering which cuts I’d play on my show (so far, the whole album is good)! We are in sync on this one! Nice to have some great music like this for the Spring!