New Music: Quadron


Quadron – Slippin’

The Danish act Quadron was completly off my radar for a while, but after a few people dropped their name I had to do a Google search and damn…I’m glad I did.

The duo of 21 year old singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician producer Robin Hannibal make low key soul music, dropping just a hint of that Motown sound (hence the hand claps), yet not diving completely into the post-soul genre, which in many respects is played out. Their track “Slippin'” is evident of this, while the laid back “Day,” is a textured soul track which gives me hints of Sade. Her voice isn’t overly soulful, but is a perfect and unique compliment to the instrumentals.

The duo says that they want to provide an “alternative to US R&B,” ironically by going back to R&B’s roots. I just hope to hear them in the US soon.

Pressure by Quadron from Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen on Vimeo.