New Music: Kae Sun


I had a great discussion with DJ Stylus after the Distant Relative discussion at National Geographic last week, about how music today rarely if ever talks about struggle, and justice, and equality, even though we still have the problems of institutional racism, poor schools and neighborhoods, and lack of employment opportunities for black and brown people.

The reason for that? Even after all of these issues we face, Americans are too comfortable. An person in the US in poverty is still better off than the rest of the world. Kids in the “hood,” have XBoxes, iPhones, and big screen TVs. Even broke people are flossin’ in the club. Why would Americans create songs about the struggle when on the surface there is none?

Well, unfortunately there are multitudes of people in this world who are struggling, yet we never hear it on the news, and this struggle is the focus of the Ghana/Canadian artist Kae Sun. The artist, who combines, hip-hop, guitar rock, and spoken word, is one of a long line of African talent that is getting shine in the Western mainstream (think Nneka and K’Naan for starters).

The song, “Lion On a Leash,” is a simple, yet powerful, statement. Other tracks like “Free,” from his debut album. Check it. (via AfriPOP!)