New Music: Broken Bells – The High Road


Broken BellsThe High Road

Even after making his splash with The Grey Album and Gnarls Barkley, Atlanta’s Danger Mouse is still one of the most the consistently slept on producers of this decade. Yes, the dude is sitting on piles of cash (Gnarls’ first record made him over $10 million in its first week), but his name isn’t thrown out there with the Timbalands and the John Brions of the world.

However, the dude has been consistently on his game. Collaborating with a diverse slate of artists, including The Black Keys (yeah, BEFORE Dame Dash), Gorillaz, The Rapture, and Beck just to name a few. With this new project, Broken Bells, he works with James Mercer of The Shins. Their first track, The High Road, was recently dropped for free on their new website and it’s a good look. Check it.