New Music: Alicia Keys +Drake do the “Unthinkable”

by Couch Sessions


Alicia Keys – “Unthinkable” feat Drake

I get a little emo sometimes, and Alicia and Drake speak to my sensibilities with Key’s track (feat. Drake) with “Unthinkable (I’m Ready).” Her new album, The Element of Freedom, drip drops on the 12/15/09. Though Drake’s vocals are barely audible, that’s not such a bad thing here b/c Keyes can obviously hold it down on her own. It’s 4 min. of a love story, with sultry vocals and beats that are hella addictive. On top of that, Keyes goes a little deeper with her lyrics, which I’m glad to see. It’s definitely my new shit, and serving as my winter love song. One word, many, many times. Repeat.

Good look to BlindI’s Maiya for the track!

  • CeCe

    Love the Lyrical content kDot…
    I Totally agree with you when you say, music should make you think, feel.
    Keep doing your thing…I dont think I myself could write for anyone other than myself so…yea…Congratzzz

  • Keisha

    Congratulations on the song. The talent you have is really empahsised in your lyrics and intelligence.
    I know you are probably really busy, and may disregard this comment, but i just thought you’d like to know that I know someone, with real talent who may help further your career even more, and at the same time let her light shine through!

    Please get back to me!


  • CeCe

    Keisha, why did you post this comment on kDot’s page if you are doubting that he even wrote it???!!!
    It dont make any sense at all…
    Where is your head at mayne!!!

  • CeCe

    And do us all a favour…
    Dont Reply!1

  • Keisha

    You Amateur!!
    You Fraud!!! About You “Love The Lyrical Content”
    You Sure You Even Know What That Means Love??
    Get A Life!! Stop Trying to Be something YOU VERY WELL AINT!!

  • Keisha

    And It Would Be NICE!! If You Didnt Reply!!
    But Knowing THINGS LIke You.. You Probably Will
    So Come oN!! Lets Hear IT!!!!

  • CeCe

    Listen yea, i ddnt wanna call out your bizz on the street but you in actual facrt dont know me…UNFORTUNATE For you…and Yes…i do love the “Lyrical Content”…but im sure you wouldnt know what that means due to the fact that you are infact musically immature…
    And yea actually i do know what love means…i LOVE my mamma
    I LOVE my MUSIC!!!!
    But i dont not LOVE you…See…i do know what love means!!!!!
    And erm, yea, of course im gnna reply only coz i need to ensure you know wer your place is at…and it is not here…lower your self and get back to doing what ever it is you wer doing prior to the time you stumbled across this page ‘coz you are faaaaar from welcome here..
    ~I have a life…but where is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keisha

    Im soooo sorry…i love oyuuu
    ima totally fall back
    your amazing
    dnt hate me

  • CeCe

    oikay skank…thats what i thought!

  • Keisha

    OK! Very SAD!!
    HAHA! Your so fuuny.. anyway BYE!!!

  • CeCe

    LOVE YOU 2
    !!!!! SORRRRYYY

  • CeCe

    look i am soo baffeled…whats goping on here???
    anyways…i have a life…
    Sorry i cant entertain your stupidity!

  • CeCe

    Did this dude even write this track??

  • Keisha

    Erm…Mayyb not…
    Yow dude…did u write this track??
    ‘Coz its hottt mayne!

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