Merry Christmas Sample: De La flips Wonderful Christmastime

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I’m truly convinced that Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” is the song that they would sing in Hell. Everything about this song is gut wrenching. Those repetitive keys sound warped and out of tune, and the chorus sounds like it’s being sung by a demonic chior.

But I digress….

The only way I can tolerate this song now is through the De La Soul and their track “Simply,” from their 2001 album BIONIX, not my favorite De La album, but underrated nonetheless.

So when somebody tries to blast the Paul McCartney song, I’ll whip out my Boom Box, 80s style, and blast the De La in return. It’s only right. (big up to Radio Milwaukee for the original post).

Merry Christmas everyone!

The original song if you dare….