In Case You Missed It: Top Five of 2009

2009 was a pretty dope year for music, but for me 2009 was a year that I was able to catch up on a lot of music I missed from the past…well… few decades. Here’s my top 5  (in no particular order) of what I missed out on and you may have as well.

Letta Mbulu – ‘Lazy Bones’

Letta Mbulu

Letta Mbulu Malalela (lazy bones)

This was my most recent find (thanks to my boy Adriel over at and at first listen I was immediately hooked. Everything about this song is fiyah. The South African jazz singer who came to the US due to Apartheid has a voice that cannot be matched even today (peep those high notes she hits that would make Mariah’s skin crawl). Although the lyrics I am assuming are in her native tongue, the passion and gravity her voice emotes let’s you know that Letta has a story to tell and it’s worth listening to.

The Clash – ‘Version City’

The Clash

The Clash Version City

Yeah I know, I’m like hella late on the Clash. It’s almost embarrassing. The Clash has always been one of those British rock bands that I’ve been ‘meaning to listen to’ but somehow just never got around to doing it. That is until a few months ago when I inadvertently caught a snippet of ‘Version City’- and  voilà I was a fan – just like that. The Clash just represents the epitome of European rock cool.

‘High Heartbeats’ Mash-up – The Knife Feat. Kanye West and Common

The knife yecommon

The Knife Feat. Kanye West and Common – High Heartbeats (A-TRAK Mash Up)

Those who know me know that I’m fascinated with music coming out of Sweden. And the Knife is one of my favorite bands to come out of there with Heartbeats being one of my favorite songs from them. So a mash-up with Kanye and Common… enough said.

‘Private Life’ – Grace Jones


Grace JonesPrivate Life

We all love Grace (Strangé to some). She represents that no-nonsense, independent, ain’t-taking- no-crap from a man type of woman. And ‘Private Life’  off of the remarkable album, ‘Island Life’ highlights just that.  With a hard base line and lyrics like ‘your marriage is a tragedy but it’s not my concern; I’m very superficial I hate everything official’: showcases Grace at her best.

‘Maria’ The Jackson Five


The Jackson FiveMaria

Although I got on this one years back, with 2009 being the year that we lost MJ, I feel that it’s only appropriate to include him in this list; and it’s definitely a song that if you missed you must be put on to.  First thing that went through my mind when hearing this song was, ‘how could someone so young sing with such an immense amount of emotion on a subject such as a lost love??’ But that’s why Michael is Michael and it truly sucks that he is no longer with us…but fortunately, his music is.