In Case You Missed It: Rock with (a little) Soul Edition

I like rock. Classic rock, 80’s rock, punk, rock, indie rock even some corny rock (I can’t front, I like few Daughtry songs).  But I’m more into rock that gets me movin’ or jammin’ as the kids use to say. Rock with soul…? Something I can rock out to but still nod my head and feel some sort of emotion at the same time:  Heavy on the base and a monster on the guitar. If you’ve done your rock research then you know rocks early beginnings started as a combo of blues, gospel (and country). This is why I dig groups (new and old) who pay homage (even in the slightest form) to those sounds.  Here are a few worth checking out:

The White Stripes – Ball and a Biscuit


The White Stripes – Ball and a Biscuit

Jack White shines on this by not singing – just talkin’. Talkin ‘bout love and… biscuits (?) in a soulful, bluesy, old school kind of way. With Meg White being a beast on the drums (like always) this song is unquestionably one (of many) standout tracks off the ultra awesome album, Elephant.

Weezer – ‘Say It Ain’t So’


Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

Ok, so when you think of Weezer more than likely ‘soul’ doesn’t instantly come to mind (remember the ‘Buddy Holly’ song?). But for some reason from the opening kick ass  guitar riff, to the smoother sounding vocal style of lead singer Rivers Cuomo, this songs has a different kind of vibe then the others.  Though a little bit of a downer lyrically, I think that’s what gives it that extra ‘bluesy’ feel.

The Beatles – ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

beatles abbey road

Beatles – I Want You

Off of my favorite Beatles Album, ‘Abbey Road’, this song just gives you everything. Sappy(but a small amount) of love lyrics, slight heartache and incendiary instrumentals-  The result is eight minutes of pure Beatles magic .

The Black Keys – ‘I Got Mine’


The Black Keys – I Got Mine

Definitely one of my new favorite rock groups out today. Although their current BlackRoc collabo album with some well known hip hop heavyweights is ill…The Black Keys probably don’t need to add a rapper to the mix in order to push forth some true soul.