Drake feat. Colin Munroe – Runaway Girl

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Drake - Runaway Girl feat. Colin Munroe

Drake has had some of the best production I’ve heard from any mainstream hip-hop dude this decade, and he continues that streak with our homie Colin Munroe. Amazing. Nuff Said.

  • jconda

    Not sniping at you Stone…but, dag…can somebody please explain the *artistic* relevance of Drake?

    Every time I get into a conversation about this dude it all boils down to “but the guy sell records, though”. Is that all he’s offering? The willingness to collaborate and awesome marketing? Or is the hip-hop landscape that dry that we praise this over-hyped mediocrity. Let me finish this album review…I’m writing a post about this dude…(LOL)

  • Stone


    You know my standards for today’s pop music are very low. However, Drake is one of the few artists today that is able to flip the script yet get mainstream acceptance.

    “Best I Ever Had,” “Successful,” and this track are great singles IMO, as well as his reworking of that Lykke Li track back in the day. The dude and his people have a keen ear, they are trying to bring something different to the game while still working within the mainstream channels. I got to respect him for that.

  • jconda

    …well…that is a fly coat the dude is rocking in the pic, LOL…

  • baleng


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