David Dallas: New Zealand Hip-Hop? Yes or No?


The Couch Sessions has touched on some of the  hotness coming out of New Zealand (Fat Freddy’s Drop and Electric Wire Hustle), but when it comes to hip hop  there is still somewhat of a stigma out on the blogospere on whether the sounds from down under are hot or not (and I’m still trying to figure it out myself). However, I came across this little gem that I think is worth sharing.

David Dallas’ “Big Time” definitely goes against the stereotype. The song has a dope beat- he has a nice flow, germane lyrics and a cool video to accompany it. Apparently this was kind of blowing up on the low in New Zealand this past summer, and if you look him up he has a pretty extensive music resume. However, after checking out a few of his other songs none impressed me as much as Big Time did -but I would definitely recommend that you check him out and see for yourself.

Regardless if you like it or not hip hop’s influence is everywhere and we are only going to see more of it as this new decade progresses. Peep and share your thoughts.