BYT New Year’s Eve 2010: A Space Fantasy – Capital Skyline Hotel, DC

The Capitol Skyline Hotel gave BYT the entire place to takeover
for New Year’s Eve… some join us on our magical journey to
Twenty Ten, ride the space fantasy into the night!!!

We’ve got three theme rooms, sparkle motion dance floors, stilt walkers, moon bounces, balloon animals, polar bear club diving contests, and laser tag in the parking garage. Just trust us it is going to be epic, cause we care.

We’ll have DJs around every corner like the Fatback crew, AutoRock, Shea Van Horn of Mixtape, DJ RAD of Pink Sock, and the Rave Camp DJs: Daniella Downs, Simon, Empath, Amitai, Charly C, and maybe Cale if he’s not running around like a maniac. So yeah, the hipsters, the gays, the ravers, the funk/soul heads, the weirdos, and everything in between are welcome, let’s all get naked at midnite.

So all this, plus an open bar all night (featuring Bulleit Bourbon, Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, and custom Smirnoff Cocktails) for only $45, and food for $12. We’ve got coat check too. No cash bar = fast service, and the open bar lasts all night. And unlike everywhere else, we’ll let the under 21 crowd and non-drinkers in for $30, cause we love you too. Ticket price goes up to $80 at the door – for everybody – so get on the presale. We’re keeping presale open until 7pm on New Year’s Eve.

DRESS CODE: None. If you want to dress up like a martian or an
elf, that would be really sweet. Let’s make this ridiculous.
Prepare to fight a wizard in space at midnight bitches!

Just trust us: