BEST OF 2009: Video of the Year – Christian Rich – Famous Girl


Sure, there are still big name directors, major label budgets, and top name producers that still control the industry, but 2009 has most certainly become the year where the art of the music video has become democratized. Paul Wall made history by becoming one of the first major artists to shoot his video using an iPhone, while videos being made with Digital SLRs have higher HD quality than most film cameras. Add to that, videos are now being shot with iFlips are getting millions of views through the help of Vimeo and YouTube. On the flipside, however, the ability for your roomate and his frat buddy become “directors” has flooded the internet with cheap ass wannabe videos. To stand out, you have to bring something more into the mix, and these 5 videos not only break the mold but set the standard.

Video of The Year: Christian Rich – Famous Girl
Directed by: BBGUN

Instead of going for the cliche rap video premise that’s been played out since 1994, New York’s Christian Rich came onto the scene and created a theatrical masterpiece for their song “Famous Girl.” With a story and cinematography that would make the late Stanley Kubric blush, CR set the standard for music videos this year, and I’ve yet to see a video that has come close.

The remaining entries….

6.) Lady GaGa – Bad Romance

Most people would think I hate Lady GaGa, but that’s not the case. I’ve been a fan for a while, and I love how she takes the concepts of high art and fashion and pushes it to the mainstream. This video is intentionally (and somewhat forcibly weird), but it breaks the typical mode and I hope little kids in Iowa get scared when they watch it on MTV.

5.) Tabi Bonney – Rich Kids
Directed by: Tabi Bonney and and Edwin Decena

As the head of Cool Kids forever films, Tabi Bonney has been killing the game lately with his innovative and disctinctive style. Brining the worlds of music and fashion together, Bonney’s videos have caught the eye of even MTV. His video for “Rich Kids,” stands out from everything else he’s shot this year. Bonney and co-director Edwin Decena sought out vintage 70s cameras to create a look that reminds me of the back room at Studio 54.

4.) Matt and Kim – Lessons Learned
Directed By: Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault

The premise of the video is great: A Brooklyn post punk duo strips in the middle of Times Square to the shock of tourists and locals. After watching this video several times I still don’t know if this is real or fake (obviously the end is), but the video itself is simple, clear consise, and downright entertaining.

3.)Pato Pooh ft Adam Tensta – Follow Me
Directed By: Ali Alzamli & David Paullo

The Swedes not only have some of the hottest hip-hop, but they also are home to some of the hottest videos I’ve seen in while. Playing on our nostalgia for 8 bit video game systems, newcomer Pato Pooh

2.) Lazerbitch – Coquette
Directed By: Brian Morrison

Baltimore’s Lazerbitch made waves this year with the ultra creative video for “Coquette,” showing their lead singer raking havoc throughout the Charm City. The premise of the video, is short and sweet, and makes for a very entertaining 4 minutes of film.