Album Review: Analogue Transit – Gearheart


Adventuresome without being abstract, authentic without being inaccessible.

Analogue Transit1983

The group Analogue Transit comprises of vocalist/guitarist Kwaku Aning and producer Jeff Shreiner.  The opening lines of their debut album, Gearheart, set the tone for the duos philosophy – “I am the truth / the thing you long to hear / I am analogue”.  Thankfully, the album is not a mere rehashing of the analog vs. digital battles that litter forums across the internet.  Rather, Analogue Transit aim to incorporate both worlds into their audio landscape…and the results are impressive.

Mr. Shreiners sound tapestry takes analog elements and me

lds them seamlessly with the editing and arranging techniques common  in modern pop-electronica.  Acoustic guitars and pianos, full of room noise and ambiance, find their way next to synth warbles and stuttered vocal effects.  Small touches, slots machine like the 'roomy' claps in the song 1983, add a welcome warmth, a human element that is usually missing from modern productions.

The song-writing and vocal arrangements are solid and radio ready.  Not many cliched lyrical concepts are to be heard.  Mr. Aning lends his capable, honest vocal to the songs.  His vocals are very clear with an ever so slight edge – reminiscent of a Darius Rucker.  One could even imagine that with a slight change in intonation Kwakus vocals would easily fit into a pop-rock or modern country context without sounding forced.

All in all this is a good release, adventuresome without being abstract, authentic without being inaccessible.  We should keep a close eye on the duo as they continue to grow stylistically and get comfortable in their own skin.