VIDEO: Stockholm’s J-Son proves that Sweden is STILL Killing The Game

Most of y’all know that Sweden is KILLING the hip-hop game. From Adam Tensta, Pato Pooh, to Eboi and now J-SON, the Swedes have pushed the creative boundaries of the genre and shattered the indside the box minset that plagues US rappers. Take the trailer for Stockholm’s J-SON, who dropped one of the best trailers I’ve seen on the web in a while. The cinematic concept not only works to foster interest in the album, but also is very well executed and has some of the highest production quality I’ve ever seen.

J-Son’s album drops on November 26th in Sweden. I’ll keep you posted on any US release dates.

The track for Head In the Sky is KILLER as well. Check it! (via DJ Rooftop)