Rising Star: Jessie Cornish

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I love discovering new talent, and I’m always excited about judging new voices like its my personal American Idol. Back when I first started this site, I used to spend hours trying to find the “next big thing,” but this era of over media oversaturation it seem like finding a true singer is becoming that digital needle in the haystack. There are few people that stand out. Jessica Cornish is that girl. Forget Auto-Tune and slick production, this is pure, raw, talent. It looks like Ms. Cornish is on her way to getting a record deal. (Props: Kia)

  • Yvette Travillian

    Nice look! Discovering new talent is also one of my favorite past times (ha!) and from the moment she opened her mouth, I was like ‘WHOA”. Definitely feeling her -thanks!

  • Vikkig

    discovered Jessie through my nephew on facebook and shared on my wall. Friends are loving her. She’s got the talent, she’s got the look, looking forward to her first #1 and I’m thinking that will be soon.

  • ciera leggett

    This girl can blow. She is such a powerful singer and is so gifted i can not wait for her album to hit the stores here. Big white room just for tradition mamma knows best and technology, girl continue to use the gift god truly blessed you with.

  • Samantha

    She is amazing , she gives me chills her voice and the lyrics are just amazing i can’t wait for an album! WOW just AMAZING!!!!!!

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