New Alicia Keys and Saving Lives


There are those among us who are blessed with the power to save what is loved by another, but powerless to use this blessing for love themselves.

Pretty strong words, used as the first lines on Alicia Keys’ new video for “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”. The video itself is rather different from her other work, considering we get the soulful songstress making great leaps over skyscrapers and healing others with a touch…

Alicia Keys’ latest album, The Element of Freedom, drops Dec 15th, which includes a duet with Beyonce and the “second part” of Empire State of Mind.

And also, as a part of World AIDS Day, check out Alicia Keys’ live performance Dec 1st at 8pm EST. Where? Right on YouTube, of course (though if you happen to be in New York on the date you can try to get to her in person at the Nokia Theatre). The proceeds of this concert will go to her organization Keep A Child Alive, which provides actual  treatments and other services to individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Hm, could the saving lives motif in the latest video represent these efforts? Check out Alicia Keys’ own recorded message below.