Introducing Baltimore’s leading fashion designer, Stevie Boi!

by Marcus K. Dowling


Baltimore is always a fantastic source of artistic inspiration. Somewhere in the city’s blue collar history and heavy DIY ethos lies hearts that yearn with creativity and inspiration. Steven “Stevie Boi” Strawder may not be a Baltimore native (he’s an army brat who has seen half of Europe and most of the globe in over ten moves throughout his unique childhood), but the rapidly rising fashion designer of fabricated sunglasses and exciting fashions features a cutting edge, militaristic with industrial glamour style that brings attention and iconic notoriety to the wearer. Having been in the game since 2007, the 20 year old prodigy is easily in this reviewer’s estimation the most inventive young mind in ALL of fashion in my limited fashion universe. What separates him from most is his unerring vision and belief in his own conceptualizations, creating something that is obviously form over function and vastly entertaining.

resized_SBMA_002 resized_SBMA_003

Stevie does have a music background as well, and with his fashions being sported by the likes of Lil Kim, Young B of “Chicken Noodle Soup” fame with DJ Webstar, and Bmore’s riotouslly fun party starters TT the Artist and the Get Em Mamis, he clearly sees music as an inspiration and motivating force behind his line.

resized_SBMA_005 resized_SBMA_007 resized_SBMA_008

I had the opportunity to sit with Stevie, and with Young B recently, and discussed fashion, influences, Grace Jones, his glasses at this past New York Fashion Week and beyond, future plans, musical aspirations and a plethora of other topics. Please note the photos in this column are of his Winter 2010 fabricated shades line dropping November 15th. Do visit for more information or for purchase, or visit his twitter account at






  • kala ryheme

    stevieboi is such a creative individual he needs more attention. we love him.

  • sarah

    WOWWWWW he is so fucking cool!

  • Debbie Allen is big over in the uk my aunt orders me all types of things from this kid lite i love him to lol.

  • Word Op Mag

    Talented kid we will be doing a fashion spread on him soon.

  • r4i

    Fashion is the best way to show out our personality and also glamour..
    so i will take this article in my life…
    Thanks for sharing valuable info..

  • Sharice

    I ordered glasses from Stevie Boi over a week ago and I requested and paid for 2 day delivery and haven’t gotten them yet. Love the glasses, but needs to be more professional at running a business. Still haven’t got my glasses yet.

  • Cyrsnganga

    i love the glasses! have a look on my blog and see mine THE or

  • Son-goku1604

    Hello Steve,
    Your glasses are the “BOMB” very different and I was wondering…..I draw a lot wonder if you
    could use some of my designs for your creations?
    Will R.

  • Odd

    Looks so outdated. WHY would you want to recreate something that’s been done millions of times in the past ?

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