INTERVIEW: Matthew Waldman of Nooka

Matthew Waldman has deconstructed time. His Nooka watch designs have revolutionized how we look at time and have taken fire in the streetwear and fashion communities.

As many designers look to the past for inspiration, Waldman looks to the future. His Nooka designs–watches, fragrances, and apparel–look like they would be right at home in on the USS Enterprise. Describing his designs as something that an alien would understand a hundred years later, the Nooka brand is constantly evolving and setting a new standard for design.

We caught up with Waldman at the Red Bull space in SoHo earlier this month, a day after his successful launch party of the Mini Nooka Nooka vinyl toy collection, cristened by such designers as Takahashi Hiroco, Michael Vadino, Atsuo Ogawa and Dustin Canalin of UNDRCRWN.

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